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Steps to Home Buying

"It is our role to assist you in the home buying process from beginning meeting to closing day"

1. Meet to discuss your needs and wants to include location, amenities, timing, etc.

2. Pre-qualification through a local lender prior to viewing homes. We can suggest several lenders who can inform you what types of loans are available to best meet your needs and unique situation. (Cash buyers would skip this step.)

3. Research Availability by working together to find available properties to view including open houses and possible new construction.

4. Make an Offer - When you have found a home you like, we will prepare a written offer for you, which will be presented to the seller. We can advise you on strategies and explain all aspects of the offering process.

5. Inspections - When you are successful in putting a home under contract, we will assist you in completing your inspections and other due diligence, as well as, assist in the written response process to the inspection findings.

6. Financing Deadlines - We will assist your lender to ensure they have all documentation needed for both loan process and Appraiser and follow to ensure we meet the time-lines in the Purchase and Sales Agreement.

7. Closing Preparations - We will coordinate with the title company or attorney’s office to prepare documents for closing. You will have several days to review the closing documents prior to closing.

8. Closing Documentation 3 Days prior to Closing, we will assist you in reviewing the closing documents and understanding the breakdown of credits and debits.

9. Walk-Thru prior to closing - Together, we will complete a final walk through at the property to assure the home is in the same condition as previously viewed and that the occupants have vacated and removed all personal property.

10. Closing Day - Attend the closing, with funds, sign documents.

Congratulations on your new Home or Land Purchase!